In the church’s framework, ministries attend to diverse needs. Unchained Motorcycle Ministry intertwines faith with adventure, fostering fellowship and aiding the homeless and helping underprivileged kids during Christmas along with many other things. The worship ministry cultivates spiritual connection, while youth, kids, and nursery ministries nurture comprehensive growth.

Unchained Motorcycle Ministry
Unchained Motorcycle Ministry is a dynamic and compassionate group that finds purpose in uniting faith and adventure. Through their charity rides, they fuse the thrill of the open road with a heartwarming commitment to the community. Once a month, they extend their generosity by providing meals to the homeless, embodying their dedication to making a positive impact. During Christmas, their outreach takes on a festive spirit as they lend a helping hand to families in need. The pinnacle of their efforts is the annual gathering, a grand coalition of Christian bikers, where camaraderie and shared beliefs create an unforgettable event that resonates with both their faith and their passion for motorcycles.
If you have an interest in joining the Motorcycle Ministry,
Please Contact Jeremy Monk
Worship Ministry
The Worship Ministry is a vibrant ensemble that guides congregants through a contemporary spiritual journey. Our talented vocalists harmonize, accompanied by both rocking electric and soothing acoustic guitars. We’re currently seeking a skilled drummer to join us in creating a dynamic and immersive worship experience that resonates deeply with our community.
If you have an interest in music, please come and join us.
Contact Dakota Camper

Media & Technology
The Tech Ministry is the unseen force that brings the church’s worship experience to life. Operating sound, lights, livestream, and lyrics, they seamlessly merge technology and their love of Jesus Christ. With precision, they ensure every word is heard, every note is felt, and every moment is illuminated. Their expertise is a vital bridge between the congregation and the Holy Spirit, enhancing the connection between worshippers and the message being shared. Through their skillful orchestration, the Tech Ministry plays a pivotal role in creating an atmosphere where faith and technology harmoniously converge.
Do you have an ear for sound or would you like to run lights? Maybe you like to use presentation software. Contact Dakota Camper.

Ushers are crucial for a smooth church experience. With welcoming smiles, they guide the congregation in passing offering baskets, supporting the church’s mission. They also distribute sacred communion elements, enhancing the communal bond.
If you are interested please
Contact Jamie Melvin

Meals From the Heart
“Meals From the Heart” is a compassionate ministry that embodies the spirit of support within our church community. Comprising dedicated ladies, this ministry extends a helping hand during times of sorrow or need. When a church member experiences the loss of a loved one or faces challenging circumstances, “Meals From the Heart” rallies together, providing nourishing meals that go beyond sustenance. Through these thoughtful gestures, they offer solace, care, and a reminder that in times of darkness, the church family stands ready to embrace and uplift one another.
To be involved please Contact Barbara McCracken
Prayer Warriors
The Gathering Place holds prayer in the highest regard, recognizing its profound impact. Through prayer, we invoke God’s guiding hand. Our community relies on prayer, acknowledging God’s sovereignty as the cornerstone of our faith.
If you are interested in joining the Prayer Warriors
Contact Karen Fredrickson

Community Outreach
We are interested in having a community ambassador to build and maintain a relationship with area businesses, service providers and other churches, clubs and charities. This will serve as a way to build a network of other Christians in order to best serve the needs of our congregation and the community.
We would like to keep up on community events so we can participate and serve as God leads us.
Contact Pastor Randy