Student Ministries
Youth 167
Youth 167 is an inspiring ministry tailored for students in grades 6th to 12th, dedicated to igniting a vibrant journey of faith and growth. With the captivating slogan “Seize the 167,” they remind us that out of the 168 hours in a week, only one is spent in church on Sundays. Therefore, the challenge lies in fully embracing the other 167 hours. Youth 167 passionately encourages young minds to love God, love others, and actively participate in making disciples. Through engaging activities, empowering discussions, and a strong sense of community, Youth 167 empowers the youth to embody their faith throughout every hour of their lives.
Youth Leaders: Dakota and Laken Camper
N2Y, our vibrant kids’ ministry catering to Kindergarten to 5th graders, stands for “Not Too Young.” This embodies our belief that children, even in their early years, have an essential place within the journey of faith. N2Y creates a nurturing and joyful environment where young hearts can encounter God’s love, learn meaningful values, and forge connections with their peers. Through interactive lessons, engaging activities, and a sense of shared adventure, N2Y empowers kids to embrace their spiritual growth and explore the depths of their faith, showing that they are indeed “Not Too Young” to embark on this inspiring journey.
Kids Ministry Leader: Destinee Compton
Our Nursery Ministry offers a safe and loving environment for infants and toddlers. With a dedicated team, we provide a nurturing space where parents can engage in worship while knowing their little ones are cared for. Through gentle interactions and age-appropriate activities, we lay the groundwork for their spiritual journey, ensuring they feel cherished within the church community.
Nursery Leader: Laken Camper